Altruistic Joe Coffee Review

altruistic joe coffee review

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

Altruistic Joe Coffee may be a new name for you in the world of coffee brands. It was for me until recently. But I’m so glad that I have joined the growing group of coffee lovers who have tasted the fresh, rich roasts that Altruistic Joe offers.

And this is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill coffee roaster, either. As a veteran-owned business, Altruistic Joe gives a significant portion of its earnings to charity. Founders Jamie and Libby Jenks are thrilled and grateful to pursue their deep passion for excellent coffee in a way that supports small farmers, independent roasters, loyal customers, and ultimately exceptional charitable organizations. More about that in a minute.

First, let’s dive deeper into this unique brand’s name: Altruistic Joe Coffee. Why this name? What does it mean? In order to answer that question, here is the definition of the word altruistic.

Altruistic: having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others

By selecting this particular word to be a part of the name of their brand, the Jenks’ solidified their commitment to these two established company goals:

  1. Provide customers the very best coffee available in the world, roasted fresh before it ships, sold at a competitive price. That’s the ‘Joe’.
  2. Maximize the positive global impact of each order by donating 20% of all net proceeds to a group of highly rated charities, addressing a diverse set of needs. That’s the ‘Altruistic’.

The charitable organizations they support provide significant relief to the following causes:

  • Global Health & Human Services
  • Military Veteran & Family Services
  • Animal Welfare
  • Environmental Conservation

Read more about Altruistic Joe founders Jamie and Libby Jenks, as well as additional information about the charitable organizations criteria they use.

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Altruistic Joe Coffee Review

Altruistic Joe Coffee Review: Year Round Sample Pack
Year Round Sample Pack from Altruistic Joe Coffee

I was graciously provided with the Year Round Sample Pack of whole bean coffee to brew, taste, and enjoy. That being said, this is my honest review of the coffee’s taste and my overall impression of the company based on what I received.

The Year Round Sample Pack will change with the seasons, keeping flavor profiles consistent, so what follows is the coffee that is currently being offered.

Of course, I was pretty excited the day my package arrived, because I’m a snobbish type of coffee drinker who always prefers a fresh ground cup of coffee. My coffee grinder was waiting for the opportunity to create the first cup of ground beans from Altruistic Joe!

whiskey barrel coffee gift

But even before I opened the first package, you know what I noticed? The generous size of the sample packages. I’ve received samples of coffee in the past, and they were teeny tiny little bits of coffee beans that would make 2 cups of coffee max. That was nice, but sometimes it’s not enough to really get to know the roast and decide if it’s going to be a long-term relationship.

The 6 ounce bags of whole bean coffee (it can also be ordered pre-ground if desired) that are part of the Sample Pack from Altruistic Joe are quite substantial, and enough to really get to know the particular roast.

Here’s the second thing that got my attention: the roast date. The whole bean coffee I received was roasted quite literally just before being shipped to my home. That speaks to the founder’s commitment to providing fresh coffee.

If you grind your coffee at home, you know that this is the best way to enjoy a cup of joe. Whole beans, ground just prior to brewing, will give you the best tasting cup of coffee.

Add to that the freshness of the bean, and it gets even better.

My brewing method of choice is a pour over, typically with a Hario V60 coffee dripper. And, I like my coffee strong. I immediately noticed the depth of flavor, the richness of the brew, and the intensity of the mouthfeel, with each of the four coffees I was able to sample.

My roast of choice is almost always a dark roast, but I really enjoyed the brightness and fruitiness of the Cream and Crimson Light-Medium roast.

Here is a little more detail about each of the roasts found in the Year Round Sample Pack:

Big Iron Blend (Medium-Dark Roast): Guatemala & Sumatra

This superbly balanced blend is full of rich caramel and milk chocolate flavors, citrus-like acidity, and a smidge of smoke from the Smokehouse Dark Roast. And, it is named for the illustrious H-60 helicopter. How cool is that?

Cream & Crimson Blend (Light-Medium Roast): Guatemala & Ethiopia

This tasty coffee is named for the Indiana Hoosiers and is their floating blend. This coffee has a delicate yet complex flavor without losing any flavor complexity, with notes of caramel, dried fruit, and citrus. As a dark roast coffee lover I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of flavor that accompanied the brightness of the taste.

Wake up! Espresso Roast (Medium-Dark Roast): Guatemala, Tanzania & Ethiopia

The rich cocoa body, dried fruit, and crisp citrus notes make this espresso blend a nice balance. Although designed to be an espresso mix, these beans are also excellent as a wonderfully full and dynamic drip coffee. This coffee is wonderful as both an espresso and a batch brew or pour-over. I can tell you that it makes a wonderful cup of pour over coffee!

Smokehouse Dark Roast (Dark Roast): Sumatra

This dark roast is rich with cocoa and black cherry, as well as a smoky undertone. A great cup of coffee with milk and sugar or served black, which is always my choice! Never harsh, and always smooth, with a full body. If dark roasts are your thing, you’ll be putting this one on your must-have java list!

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Other Roasts from Altruistic Joe Coffee

single origin coffees from Altruistic Joe
Single Origin Coffees from Altruistic Joe

In addition to the roasts found in the Year Round Sample Pack there are some intriguing single origin coffees:

ETHIOPIAN HEIRLOOM: This light-medium roast coffee is from the Guji Zone of Ethiopia. The coffees from Guji are wonderfully floral, sweet, and full of complex flavors. 

GUATEMALAN HUEHUETENANGO: A medium roast, with character notes of caramel, candy bar, and raisin, with a buttery body.

GUATEMALAN PALENCIA: A light-medium roast coffee with tropical fruit, creamy, and chocolate character notes. This micro-lot Guatemalan coffee comes from Finca La Bendicion in the village of Sanguayaba, Palencia.

EL SALVADOR MONTE VERDE: This is a wonderful coffee from the mountains of El Salvador. It is a sweet and citrusy coffee, with underlying flavors of caramel and roasted nuts, and very easy to drink!

COLUMBIAN UNLEADED: Are you a decaf coffee drinker? Then you’ll want to check out this Colombian decaf, which is full of wonderful cocoa and dark raisin flavor.

Details to Note about Altruistic Joe Coffee

merchandise available from Altruistic Joe
Altruistic Joe Merchandise
  • Save with a subscription to Altruistic Joe Coffee
  • Purchase your coffee in whole bean or pre-ground. Either way, it is roasted just prior to shipping
  • Fundraising options to keep in mind
  • Support Altruistic Joe Coffee with some fun, functional merchandise
  • All of the coffee is created using the washed coffee method. It results in a coffee that’s generally fruitier, brighter and cleaner.

Here is a quick video that gives you a brief overview of Altruistic Joe Coffee. Check it out!

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Sum It Up

If you're always on the hunt for a great cup of joe, and the thought that a portion of your purchase will go to those who would benefit from some additional help, then Altruistic Joe Coffee is a great match.

Visit Altruistic Joe today and begin your new coffee-loving adventure!

Altruistic Joe Coffee Review