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How to Find the Best Coffee Maker Under $50 in 2023

best coffee maker under 50

There are two things we know about folks who are searching for the best coffee maker under 50 bucks. 

They want: 1) A good (not just okay, but really good) cup of brewed coffee using 2) an affordable coffee maker. It's pretty simple for sure, but there are still variables that should be considered. After all, we are unique java-lovers with our own preferences, lifestyles, and priorities.

Our goal at The Coffee Files is to do the research and the narrowing down for you, and provide a clean, simple list of coffee makers that won't stretch the budget past $50, updated for 2023.

How do we come up with our 'best of' list? Honestly, with time, and attention to detail. We scour the internet world, discover what's available, and filter out the machines that don't make the cut. Then, we study the features and benefits individually for those that look promising, comb through the reviews and actually read them, to identify the pros and cons of each model as identified by real-life users. From there, we identify the top...the best...the most consistently rated higher...and present them to you.

NOTE:  We do our very best to keep the recommended coffee makers under $50, but please keep in mind that Amazon and its subsidiaries adjust pricing from time to time.

If you happen to click on a link and then make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Best Coffee Maker Under 50 in 2023: The Short List

If you're anxious to see 'the list', here it is, my friend. These are, in our opinion, the best coffee makers under $50 available for 2023.

Notice that we don't rank them in a number order, or from top to bottom. Why is that? Well, we know that coffee drinkers have varying priorities, and feel confident that any one of these five affordable coffee makers could be the perfect choice!

TIP:  You can brew a better tasting cup with any coffee maker by grinding your own coffee beans. It's simple and quick, and the fresh taste is well worth the time!

Narrowing Down the Options: What to Look for in an Affordable Coffee Maker

Sure, we're not talking about spending hundreds of dollars on a coffee maker with all the bells and whistles, so the expectations need to align with the cost. Even so, you can get quite a bang for your buck when it comes down to the best coffee maker under 50 dollars. 

whiskey barrel coffee gift

Let's talk about some of those 'bangs'.

Size: How many cups does it need to make? How about counter space?

Whether you're searching for a single cup coffee maker or one that can produce 12 cups (6 oz, that is) of brewed java, you'll find affordable options, specifically under $50.

Keep in mind, though, that a larger capacity isn't always the best option. Why? Well, have you ever asked for a cup of coffee at a restaurant and received something that looked like black gunk? It was probably old, old coffee that had been brewed hours earlier, and you were the lucky customer that got the last, painful cup.

So, think about how many cups of coffee are going to be consumed within an hour or so of brewing. Of course, you don't have to brew the entire pot of coffee each time, and if the periodic desire to serve coffee to a crowd is on your list of priorities, maybe that 12-cupper is the best choice.

On the other hand, if you only need to make a larger pot of coffee once a year, you might be better off with a smaller coffee maker and plan to brew an extra pot or two for the times you've got a crowd of coffee lovers.

The other factor is the literal size of the coffee maker. Be sure to check the dimensions of the machine under consideration, particularly if your counter space is at a premium.

Usability: Is the coffee maker easy to use?

Typically, a coffee maker that costs less than $50 will have a limited number of buttons to push because it is a relatively simple machine. 

Even so, take the time to read reviews like those found in this post to make sure of what you're purchasing. If there is  a particular brand or model that consistently is ranked lower in the 'ease of use' category, it may be something to note.

Some of the common options on a coffee maker in the $50 and under price range include:

Temperature: What is the brewing temperature?

Your coffee will taste the best if it's brewed at a temperature of 195-205 degrees

If the water temp is too high, the coffee grounds can become over-extracted. The flavors and aromas are released too quickly and the coffee can taste bitter and unpleasant.

If the temperature of the water is too low, the extraction process will not fully develop and the coffee can taste flat and sour.

For any of the best coffee makers under 50 bucks you're considering, check to see if they share the brewing temperature.

Speed: How long does it take to brew a pot of coffee?

If you're in a hurry to grab your brewed java and don't want to wait a moment longer than absolutely necessary, be sure to check on the brewing speed for any coffee maker under consideration. Keep in mind that if the coffee is brewed too quickly it will lose some flavor. Sometimes it pays to wait just a teeny bit longer

Most of the affordable coffee  makers reviewed here that brew between 4 and 12 cups produce a pot of coffee within 5 to 12 minutes.

Cleaning: How easy is it to keep clean?

The coffee makers we're reviewing here are in the budget-friendly category, with a cost below $50. So, the design of them is fairly simple. Remember to rinse out the coffee carafe and filter basked (if it's removable) after each use, clean it periodically according to the manufacturer's instructions, and you're doing your part.

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 Our Recommendations: Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollars in 2023

Coffee Maker Review: Here are our top 5 recommendations for the best coffee maker under 50 bucks updated for 2023. Again, no rating system or 'best to worst' in the category. They're all great machines based on reviews, and any one of them could be the best choice for your lifestyle and budget.

grab a cup with the 'auto pause' feature

best coffee  maker under 50 dollars


  • Simple functionality; easy to use - 1 button
  • Water window is easy to see and access
  • Low cost
  • Pause and serve feature
  • 26 inch cord to ease of use and placement


  • Manual shut off required  
  • Some reviewers comment about a plastic smell 
  • Reviewers seem to love it or hate it, but keep in mind it's a budget coffee maker with one button: on/off

Bottom Line:

The Mr. Coffee brand is well known for its affordability and function. This model is very simple, with one-button technology, although it does offer a pause and serve function. You can brew just a couple of cups of coffee, or up to twelve cups (note that in most cases those are 6 ounce cups).

The reviewers seem to love or hate this coffee maker, with a much higher percentage being in the 'I love it!' category. For the price, Mr. Coffee provides a reliable machine that makes a good, hot cup of coffee for the majority of reviewers.

Mr. Coffee Black Coffee Maker, 12 Cups, with Auto Pause and Glass Carafe, Perfect for Home and Office Use
  • Explicit Brewing Indicator: On/off indicator light keeps you aware of your coffee maker's status
  • Convenient Feature: Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause stops cycle if you need a cup before brewing is finished
  • Hassle-Free: Easy cord storage feature eliminates counter clutter
  • Classic Functionality: Mr. Coffee's 12 Cup Coffee Maker makes rich tasting, expertly brewed coffee effortlessly
  • User-Friendly: A removable basket filter that effortlessly lifts out for quick and easy filling and cleaning

FrontFill water reservoir with 1 to 4 cup brewing option

best coffee maker under 50 dollars


  • Easy fill tank with front access  
  • Programmable
  • Auto shut off after 2 hoursV
  • Variable brew strength options
  • 1 to 4 cup brewing option


  • some comments about coffee not hot enough right after brewing  
  • some reviewers comment about leaking

Bottom Line:

Yes, the price is now over $50 but it's a great coffee maker, so we've left it on the list for your consideration.

The FrontFill water reservoir plus the swing-open brew basket make for simple and user friendly coffee brewing preparation. If you want a budget coffee maker with a clock, this model has that, as well as an auto brew option to set it and forget it, then wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Users rate this model highly for ease of use, easy to clean, and flavor.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker, 12 Cups, Front Access Easy Fill, Pause & Serve, 3 Brewing Options, Black (46310)
  • EASILY FILL FROM THE FRONT.The FrontFill water reservoir and swing-open brew basket provide easy access under cabinets,so it's simpler to add water and coffee grounds.The swing-out brew basket opens from the front and is designed for easy cleaning.Filter type:Reusable
  • WAKE-UP READY COFFEE WITH EASY-TOUCH PROGRAMMING: It's easy to program the coffee maker and clock. Use Easy-Touch programming to set the Hamilton Beach coffee maker up to 24 hours ahead so hot coffee is ready in the morning when you wake up.
  • AUTO SHUTOFF: This drip coffee maker automatically shuts off after 2 hours for peace of mind. Never worry about leaving home with the coffee maker on again.
  • CUSTOMIZE BREW STRENGTH. Use the Select-a-Brew brew-strength selector on the programmable coffee maker to set your coffee's brew strength to match your preference or mood. Choose regular, bold or 1-4 cup options.
  • KNOW WHEN IT’S TIME TO CLEAN: The coffee maker gives you cleaning reminders to let you know when it’s time to run the self-cleaning cycle. Fits Hamilton Beach 80674R water filters (sold separately).

multiple brew strength + keep warm option

KRUPS simply brew compact drip coffee maker


  • Brew 1 or 2 cups, or a full 5 cups  
  • Pause and serve feature
  • Simple 1-button on/off
  • Permanent filter included


  • No auto shut off   
  • some reviewers state that leakage was an issue

Bottom Line:

The small footprint and attractive design of this 1 to 5 cup KRUPS drip coffee maker is the choice of many satisfied coffee lovers. It is very simple, not many bells and whistles, so don't expect it to sing to you when the coffee is done brewing. It does not have an auto shut off which results in some of the less than stellar reviews (although it doesn't advertise that it has one...). If you're searching for a smaller size coffee maker that produces 1 to 5 cups of coffee from a respected manufacturer, give this model a close look.

KRUPS: Simply Brew 5 Cup Coffee Maker, Cold Brew, Drip Free & Keep Warm Functions, Stainless Steel Coffee Machine
  • 5 CUP COFFEE MAKER: our small coffee pot is perfect for compact spaces and cozy households
  • PAUSE & BREW SYSTEM: experience the convenience of our innovative Pause & Brew system, allowing you to grab a cup mid-brew without any mess or disruption. Coffee on demand, tailored to your taste, with our coffee machine.
  • EXTENDED WARMTH: activate our Keep Warm function post-brew to maintain the perfect coffee temperature until manually turned off. With this coffee maker, your coffee pot stays warm and ready for enjoyment.
  • EFFORTLESS BREWING: 5 cup coffee maker comes equipped with a reusable coffee filter, a measuring spoon, and a no-drip carafe, ensuring a seamless brewing experience. Press the easy on/off button and relish uncomplicated coffee mornings.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Crafted with easy-to-wipe materials and a dishwasher-safe carafe, cleaning up after brewing is a breeze with our stainless steel coffee maker. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance for your beloved coffee machine.

The last recommendations have seen a slight price increase, so you may see a price that is a few dollars above the $50 mark. We've left it in for your consideration, though, because it's highly rated by users. 

Sometimes it's worth paying a few bucks more to get a great product!

multiple brew strength + keep warm option

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker, Programmable 12-Cup Machine, Multiple Brew Strength, Keep Warm


  • Highly rated by reviewers for ease of use, flavor, and ease of cleaning  
  • Programmable
  • permanent coffee filter included
  • variable brew strength option
  • heats water to 205 degrees and brews quickly


100% Kona Coffee
  • some comments about a plastic smell  
  • light weight of machine makes it easy to move around on the counter

Bottom Line:

Noted for its ease of use the Mueller offers some helpful features such as an extra long cord, cup measurements on both sides of the carafe (for right-handed and left-handed users), a pause and serve feature, and a permanent cone-shaped filter. The design is sleek and attractive. and doesn't hog the counter space. Many reviewers state it is a great coffee maker for the price.

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker, Programmable 12-Cup Machine, Multiple Brew Strength, Keep Warm
  • THE BEST TASTING COFFEE - Brew a full pot of coffee using your favorite grounds and with brew strength control you can select regular or bold coffee flavor, whatever you like better.
  • EASY BREW & PRECISE POURING: Pause and serve function allows for pouring a cup at any time during the brew cycle. Special carafe design ensures drip free and your coffee down to the last drop.
  • EASY FILLING - Built-in water reservoir for easy and safe water filling. No more dripping or mess on your countertops.
  • PERMANENT COFFEE FILTER - Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker includes one permanent coffee filter, saving money in buying paper coffee filters.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH MUELLER - We are here to offer you only the best quality products designed to make your life more easier and fun. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us, our professional customer support is always here for you! Made in China

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Alternative Brewing Methods That are Affordable:

We've kept the focus of this review on traditional drip coffee makers that cost less than $50. But, there are other options in the java-brewing world that will give you a great tasting cup of coffee on a small budget, like the pour over method (my personal favorite) and the iconic electric percolator.

So let's take a look at a few of the highly rated options in alternative brewing methods:


For most, the priority is an affordable coffee maker (under 50 bucks) that's reliable and brews a great-tasting cup of coffee. Hopefully you've found the coffee maker right here that fits your budget and lifestyle in 2023!

Best Coffee Makers Under $50

Candi Randolph is a coffee lover, blogger, and content creator who loves to share her knowledge with the coffee-drinking world. You'll often find her tending to her coffee bar at home, deciding which method to use to brew her next cup of java. Life is full of important decisions.

Last Updated on February 1, 2023