The Best Decaf Coffee Pods to Enjoy in 2023

best decaf coffee pods

Last Updated on February 22, 2024

Coffee is a beloved beverage throughout the world. If you’re a coffee lover like me, it is near and dear to our heart. And while most people enjoy drinking their coffee with caffeine, there are times that it is in a person’s best interest to forego the caffeine. 

Decaffeinated coffee may be the perfect solution for you if you don’t want to give up on your favorite cup of joe but still want to avoid the stimulant found in regular coffees and teas. 

If you’re looking for the most delicious and best decaf coffee pods and K cups that will help kickstart your day or simply offer a nice pick-me-up during the afternoon without giving you jitters, then this post is just what you need!

We’ve listed some of our top recommendations for 2023 so that finding the best decaf k cups and coffee pods becomes easy and convenient!

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Why Would You Want to Try Decaf Coffee?

reasons to try decaf coffee
best decaf K cups and coffee pods

There are many reasons why you might want to give decaf K cups a chance. One of the most common reasons is because someone in your household (maybe it’s you!) who drinks coffee does not like it with caffeine and would like to find a better alternative.

Some people also choose to drink decaffeinated coffee because they feel that they sleep better after drinking it; others drink it because they want to limit their caffeine intake.

In some folks, consuming caffeine can result in anxiety or an increased heart rate.

Decaffeinated coffee contains about 2 mg of caffeine (yes…there is still a tiny bit of caffeine in there!) compared to about 95 mg of caffeine for a regular cup of coffee.

Whatever the reason, there are some very satisfying options in decaf coffee pods and K-cups!

Trying decaf k-Cups and other types of coffee pods will give you a chance to experience different types of roasts and blends that you might not have considered before and discover what tastes best for your coffee palate.

Is Decaf Coffee Healthy?

Decaf coffee is a healthier choice for those who need to limit their caffeine intake, but it can also be a healthy option for those who drink caffeinated coffee as well!

whiskey barrel coffee gift

If you enjoy your decaf coffee black (nothing added to it), you’ll reap more health benefits than if you start adding cream, sugar, flavoring, etc.

Studies have shown that even with most of the caffeine removed, decaf coffee can still have a positive impact on mood and attention span. And, drinking decaf will give you the same benefit as regular joe in the protection it can provide to your liver.

How Is Decaf Coffee Made?

The decaffeination process takes place after the beans are harvested and before they are roasted.

The coffee beans are steamed, which makes them swell and prepares them for the next step.

Next, the caffeine will be removed from each coffee bean. The process used to accomplish this may be done with water, an activated carbon, or a solvent. To ensure that all of the caffeine has been removed from them, they will then be washed.

Finally, the beans are put into a coffee dryer to remove all moisture from them so that they don’t become moldy. (I have visions of little beans rolling around in a dryer ;))

The Roasting Level will Impact the Taste of Your Decaf Coffee

roasting levels affect the taste of our coffee

As with regular coffee, decaf coffee is offered in light, medium, and dark roast options. These are also sometimes called breakfast, medium, and dark roast.

What does light roast coffee mean?

Light roasting will provide a milder flavor and make it easier to taste the individual notes in each coffee. A lighter roast like this can result in a nutty, smooth coffee with little acidity.

What does medium roast coffee mean?

Medium roast coffee will have a stronger flavor because the beans are roasted longer. Medium roast K-cups often have hints of bittersweet chocolate notes and are good served with milk or cream.

What does dark roast coffee mean?

Dark roast coffee is a popular choice for many people, including me. This type of pod typically has a deep, rich, smoky flavor with no acidity.

Does Decaf Coffee Contain Nutrients?

Decaffeinated coffee can have as many nutrients as your regular cup of joe. A lot of the same vitamins and compounds that are found in caffeinated varieties are still present.

When you’re looking for decaf java pods, check your labels carefully to make sure that there are no added flavors, sugars, etc.

Some of your favorite brands might be taking advantage of decaf’s reputation as a healthier choice by adding things like creamers or sugar to make it taste even better.

What nutrients are found in decaf coffee?

Besides its ability to help your mood and protect your liver, decaf coffee also provides the same sorts of health benefits as regular coffee does.

An 8-ounce cup of black decaf coffee will provide these nutrients in general:

  • 4.7 mg of Sodium
  • 4.7 mg of Calcium
  • 0.2 g of Protein
  • 128 mgm of Potassium
  • 2.4 mg of Phosphorus
  • 0.1 mg of Iron
  • 0 calories

Best Decaf Coffee Pods

best decaf coffee pods for you

So let’s take a look at some of the best coffee pods and K-cups for you in 2023. These top suggestions are defined by coffee roast, so if your preference is a particular strength of coffee, we’ve got you covered!


Organic Coffee Co. OneCUP Gorilla DECAF

Natural Water Processed Medium Light Roast Compostable Coffee Pods

best decaf coffee pods - Gorilla decaf

What happy Gorilla Decaf coffee drinkers have to say:

  • gourmet, pure, eco friendly, perfect
  • delicious organic coffee
  • best decaf on the planet
  • great coffee, great price, low environmental impact
  • excellent!

Organic Coffee Co. OneCup Gorilla Decaf is a water processed decaffeinated medium-light blend from Central America. This light roast coffee pod has a mild and smooth flavor, perfect for the early riser or those who enjoy a lighter cup of coffee.

The Organic Coffee Company uses only 100% arabica beans and roasts them to perfection using their proprietary process that preserves the bean’s natural oils, resulting in a full bodied cup of coffee with an amazing aroma. The one-way valve bags are made from plant-based materials and are fully commercially compostable by BPI.

The Organic Coffee Co. Compostable Coffee Pods - Gorilla Decaf (36 Ct) K Cup Compatible including Keurig 2.0, Medium Roast, Swiss Water Processed, USDA Organic
  • GORILLA DECAF: This blend has a full-City roasted taste that is strong yet mellow. This 100% organic, shade-grown coffee is decaffeinated using the Natural Water Process for the best tasting coffee
  • OUR ONECUP COFFEE PODS are compatible with most Keurig K-Cup 1.0 & 2.0 brewers, Cuisinart, Bunn and other single serve brewers. Our OneCups are the better choice of coffee for your single serve brewer.
  • COFFEE K-CUPS: Our OneCup single-serve coffee pods make brewing a single cup of coffee easy! These compatible pods are compliant with most Kcup style brewers including the Keurig 2.0
  • QUALITY COFFEE FROM A FAMILY COMPANY: The Rogers Family Company's mission is to search out the finest Arabica varieties and roast the richest, most flavorful coffees available anywhere.

Green Mountain Decaf Breakfast Blend

Light Roast Coffee Pods from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

green mountain breakfast blend decaf

What happy Green Mountain decaf coffee drinkers have to say:

  • perfect for late night
  • great cup of coffee
  • not too strong, not too light
  • great for having coffee with dinner
  • a perfect mild blend

Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend (Light Roast Coffee) k cup coffee pods are a classic, vibrant New England blend with a rich taste and medium acidity. Decaf is their classic New England breakfast cup. Breakfast Blend offers a crisp Central American coffee matched with the depth of an Indonesian bean to create a bright, wakeful blend.

This light roast decaf has no harsh aftertaste and will keep you energized throughout the day without weighing you down at night. 24 single serving packs; use with Keurig brewers. Orthodox Union Kosher.

Green Mountain Coffee Decaf Breakfast Blend (Light Roast Coffee), K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers (Pack of 24)
  • Light Roast
  • Decaf
  • Orthodox Union Kosher
  • Contains 24 k-cups
  • 24 single serving packs; use with Keurig brewers


Original Donut Shop Coffee Decaf, Medium Blend

Fresh, Bold, Flavorful Coffee

donut shop decaf medium roast

What happy Donut Shop decaf coffee drinkers have to say:

  • tried 8 different decafs; this is by far the best!
  • awesome flavor
  • delicious decaf option
  • my favorite decaf for the last several years
  • great decaf coffee at a great value – will buy again

Whether you choose to drink your decaf coffee black, or lightened and sweetened, the full-bodied taste of Donut Shop decaf will continue to satisfy. These are genuine Keurig K-cups so will be compatible with you Keurig brewer. And, they are recyclable!

This coffee is 100% responsibly sustainably sourced, and is certified Orthodox Union Kosher.

The Original Donut Shop Decaf Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Count (6 Packs of 12)
  • BRAND STORY: Get ready to dive headfirst into a cup of delicious coffee. With our full-bodied taste, you can reimagine the limits of coffee and turn every day into a treat - no matter how sweet and creamy you make it. So drink up, and set your taste buds to discovery mode
  • TASTE: Fresh, bold, and flavorful, our Decaf coffee packs in all the happines.Does Not Contain Any of the 8 Major Allergens
  • ROAST: Medium Roast decaf coffee and is certified Orthodox Union Koshe
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Committed to 100 percent responsibly sourced coffee
  • COMPATIBILITY: Contains genuine Keurig K-Cup pods, engineered for guaranteed quality and compatibility with all Keurig K-Cup pod coffee makers

Folgers 100% Colombian Decaf Coffee

Medium Roast K-Cups Pods

best decaf coffee pods - Folgers Columbian

What happy Folgers Columbian decaf coffee drinkers have to say:

  • quality and richness
  • best decaf coffee on the market
  • great taste, nice and bold
  • enjoy the rich flavor
  • the flavor is great

The 100% Colombian Coffee Keurig K-Cup Pods, Medium Roast Decaf is a wonderful coffee that provides a rich and lively flavor. These single serve pods are great for people who want to enjoy the great taste of coffee in under a minute.

The coffee is available in medium roast and it is decaffeinated, so you can drink as much as you like without worrying about getting jittery. This product has been carefully crafted by our experienced roast masters with 100% Arabica coffee to ensure that every cup tastes great.

Folgers Colombian Decaf Medium Roast Coffee, 72 Keurig K-Cup Pods
  • Contains six (6) twelve (12) count boxes of Folgers Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee Keurig K-Cup pods
  • A delicious, medium roast coffee that delivers a blend of rich and lively flavors
  • Carefully crafted by our experienced roast masters
  • Convenient single-serve K-Cup pods that brew in minutes
  • Genuine K-Cup coffee pods work with virtually every Keurig coffee maker

Dunkin’ Decaf Medium Roast Coffee

Dunkin decaf medium roast coffee

What happy Dunkin decaf coffee drinkers have to say:

  • best decaf ever!
  • no “decaf” overtones at all
  • best tasting decaf
  • best decaf I ever tasted
  • the only decaf I’ve found that has full flavor; great value, too

Dunkin’ Decaf Coffee, Medium Roasted is our decaffeinated version of our Original Blend. It’s specially blended and roasted to deliver the same great taste as the brewed Dunkin’ coffee available in Dunkin’ shops. Enjoy in any Keurig K-Cup brewer for an authentic Dunkin’ experience in no time.

It’s a fantastic combination with undertones of chocolate and nut, and your taste buds will be unable to tell the difference!

Dunkin' Decaf Medium Roast Coffee, 88 Keurig K-Cup Pods
  • Contains four (4) 22 count boxes of Dunkin’ Decaf coffee K- Cup Pods.
  • Decaffeinated medium roast coffee blend made with premium coffee beans.
  • Convenient K-Cup coffee pods made to work with your Keurig coffee maker.
  • The rich, smooth,and unmatched Dunkin’ coffee taste that made the brand famous,decaffeinated.
  • An easy, no-fuss way to enjoy the great taste of Dunkin’ at home.


SF Bay Coffee DECAF French Roast

Compostable Coffee Pods, Dark Roast

SF Bay decaf French roas

What happy SF Bay decaf coffee drinkers have to say:

  • I have found my decaf coffee!!!
  • best decaf I’ve ever tried
  • decaf coffee + reasonable price + biodegradable YES!
  • great coffee – no nasty taste from plastic pods
  • I buy it for the incredible taste

San Francisco Bay Coffee DECAF French Roast Compostable Coffee Pods are made with 100% arabica coffee beans. These pods are compatible with K cup style single serve brewers including Keurig 2.0 machines.

San Francisco Bay Coffee uses only the finest Arabica coffee beans in their line of decaf and flavored coffees. Their blends offer a smooth, rich taste that will please even the most discriminating coffee connoisseurs.

San Francisco Bay Compostable Coffee Pods - DECAF French Roast (120 Ct) K Cup Compatible including Keurig 2.0, Dark Roast, Swiss Water Processed
  • One of our most popular coffees, Decaf French Roast is sourced from Central and South America arabica beans. We roast it dark, creating a bold, full-bodied coffee with a smoky finish. We use the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate our coffees.
  • KEURIG COMPATIBLE: Our OneCup Coffee Pods are specially designed for use with K-cup style single serve brewers including Keurig 2.0. SF Bay Coffee is not affiliated with Keurig Green Mountain.
  • QUALITY COFFEE: San Francisco Bay Coffee uses only 100% arabica coffee and certified Kosher coffee beans. Hand picked and grown in high altitude. We're so confident you'll love it, we back it with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY, COMPOSTABLE: OneCup pods, including the outer bag and one-way coffee valve, are made from plant-based materials and are certified commercially compostable by BPI.
  • SF BAY COFFEE is a family owned, American made company with a rich tradition. Our reputation reflects on us as a family so if you're ever not happy with your purchase, call us and we'll make it right.

Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend

Dark Roast Decaffeinated Coffee

best decaf coffee pods - Peets dark roast

What happy Peet’s decaf coffee drinkers have to say:

  • at last, a full bodied flavor in a decaf!
  • best strong, smooth and delicious coffee
  • good, strong flavor
  • great tasting, robust flavor
  • decaf? really? strong and flavorful

Peet’s Coffee Decaf House Blend Dark The perfect introduction to their signature style, highlighting Alfred Peet’s pioneering of rich, distinctive coffees, strictly high-grown, finest quality, and deeply roasted to maximize flavor.

Flavor and Roast: Peet’s Coffee decaf house blend dark that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee lover. Lively, sweet, and familiar Latin blend. Dark roast. 100% Arabica Coffee

For Keurig Brewers: Peet’s recyclable K-Cup Pods are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup machines

100% Kona Coffee
Peet's Coffee, Dark Roast Decaffeinated Coffee K-Cup Pods for Keurig Brewers - Decaf House Blend 60 Count (6 Boxes of 10 K-Cup Pods)
  • Contains six (6) Boxes of 10 Peet's Decaf House Blend Dark Roast Decaffeinated Coffee Keurig K-Cup Pods (60 K-Cup Pods Total) - 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Flavor and Roast: Dark Roast Decaf. Smooth, satisfying, sweet. The perfect introduction to our signature style -- strictly high-grown, finest quality, and deeply roasted to maximize flavor
  • Brewing Methods: Peet's single serve, K-Cup Pods are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup Brewers
  • Decaf Done Differently: Every Peet’s decaf is naturally water processed to remove caffeine—not flavor—before meticulous roasting. And by using the same high-quality coffee beans, you get a decaf that tastes as good as the real thing
  • Sourcing with Impact: The coffee you buy can impact the welfare of the people and planet. Peet’s is actively engaged in driving positive impact in communities where our coffees are grown.

Sum It Up: Best Decaf K Cups

It’s the perfect time to enjoy your coffee. And if it’s decaf time, there’s no reason to be disappointed.

With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which of the best decaf k cups you want! We hope that this article has helped you identify some of the best roasts for your java palate and provided a few recommendations on what might work well with your taste preferences. What are you waiting for? Find your perfect cup today!