“What goes best with coffee? Another cup.”

Henry Rollins

A Great Cup of Coffee Starts with a Little Bean

(and some handy knowledge about the coffee-making process!)

It really isn't necessary to go to school to learn more about the coffee-making process, but a little bit of knowledge sure helps! We want to confidently create our brew, don't we? 

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of varieties of coffee beans, grown in many parts of the world. Learn more about what type of bean, and which grind, will work the best for you. You'll discover how coffee is actually made, and where to buy these little gems, too!

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the best coffee beans for espresso and how to choose them

The Best Coffee Beans for Espresso and How to Choose Them

The Best Coffee Beans for Espresso & How to Choose Them Brewing a tasty, rich, and satisfying shot of espresso is a little bit like an art. It's much more than plopping a pod into a single-cup brewer, or absently tossing a few scoops of ground coffee into the drip coffee maker. No, my friend, creating that awesome espresso requires practice and the proper tools. But, it is definitely possible to create a memorable shot of espresso at home, and with some practice you can impress your friends with your barista-esque skills. All that said, finding the best coffee

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less acidic coffee - it is time to make the switch?

Is It Time to Drink Less Acidic Coffee? Learn More and Choose the Best Brand

Less Acidic Coffee - Is It Time to Make the Switch? Learn More and Choose the Best Brand for You A love of coffee is something many of us share, and once hooked on the aroma, taste, and kick that a fresh, hot cup of java provides, it is not easy to give up. But sometimes the enjoyment of the cup is lessened by the pain in the gut, the acid reflux, the upset stomach, GERT, and other ill effects. Not to be deterred, the search for less acidic coffee begins. Because, when you are a coffee lover, you

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best kona coffee brands

Best Kona Coffee Brands

The Best Kona Coffee Brands  What to Know Before You Buy True coffee lovers are willing to invest some time, and a few dollars (sometimes a LOT of dollars!) into their coffee beans and coffee gear. So the search for the best Kona coffee brands and where to purchase them is not unusual for this crowd. Real, 100% Kona coffee is treasured among coffee experts, lovers, and aficionados, as one of the best, if not THE best, coffee ever, in the whole wide world. So that's a pretty impressive ranking! Hawaiian Kona Coffee is unique in all the world,

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best ground coffee

Best Ground Coffee

The Best Ground Coffee Brands for 2020 Brewing a fresh, hot, tasty cup of coffee seems so simple, doesn't it? And in theory, it is.  But when you factor in our individual preferences, lifestyles, caffeine tolerances, and more...things just got a bit more complicated! One of the fundamental decisions we all make before brewing our coffee is, what type of coffee will I use? Will it be whole bean or ground? If it's going to be pre-ground coffee, what brand, strength, and label will be our choice? All that said, searching for the best ground coffee becomes our mission,

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how coffee is made

How Coffee is Made

How Coffee is Made Have you ever thought about how that fresh, hot cup of coffee in your hand began it’s little coffee bean life? Not really? Well, I get it.  Most of us just want to savor the moment and satisfaction of that first sip of java in the morning, and where the little beans originated and found their way into your coffee cup is not exactly at the top of your list of things to learn at the moment. We want to make a great cup of coffee and enjoy it!  But, let’s say that you’re awake

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