“What goes best with coffee? Another cup.”

Henry Rollins

A Great Cup of Coffee Starts with a Little Bean

(and some handy knowledge about the coffee-making process!)

It really isn't necessary to go to school to learn more about the coffee-making process, but a little bit of knowledge sure helps! We want to confidently create our brew, don't we? 

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of varieties of coffee beans, grown in many parts of the world. Learn more about what type of bean, and which grind, will work the best for you. You'll discover how coffee is actually made, and where to buy these little gems, too!

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best pre ground coffee for french press

The Best Pre Ground Coffee for French Press? Our Top 5 Picks for 2021

Search What is your morning ritual? For many people, including me, a cup of freshly brewed coffee is right there at the top of the routine. It wakes you up and gets the blood flowing to help you start your day. But how do you make that perfect cup of coffee? There are many methods of brewing that cup of joe, some that require barely more than the touch of a button, and others that get us a little more hands-on. If you prefer to get involved in the process, the French press is a simple, budget-friendly method that

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best instant decaf coffee

The Best Instant Decaf Coffee for You to Enjoy in 2021

Search Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to coffee. Some people enjoy the taste of a dark roast, others like iced coffee or espresso. I will only drink strong, black, fresh coffee. That’s my jam. But what if you are looking for something that is less caffeinated? And, you want it quickly, or maybe your circumstances dictate that the only equipment available is a cup and a spoon. No coffeemaker of any type. Okay, got it. The search is on for the best instant decaf coffee! This type of coffee is made with the same beans as

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best dark roast coffee to enjoy

Best Dark Roast Coffee to Enjoy in 2021

Best Dark Roast Coffee to Enjoy in 2021: Our Top Picks Search Searching for the best dark roast coffee is not an exact science, or a black and white decision. Enjoying our cup of joe is a highly personal thing, my friend. It might be possible to close your eyes, point, and say, “I’ll take that one” and be truly satisfied. Realistically, though, it will be a process of trying a variety of dark roast brews to discover which one touches your heart, and your taste buds.  So where to begin the discovery? Not to worry. We’ve tasted, we’ve

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difference between decaf and regular coffee

What is the Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee?

What is the Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee? Here are 8 Things You Should Know Search If you’re a regular coffee drinker, the difference between decaf and regular coffee can be H-U-G-E. I mean, we enjoy our java for a variety of reasons…the boost it gives us, the rich, full-bodied taste, the ritual of the preparation, and more.  So considering a switch to decaf can be life-changing for some die hard coffee drinkers. Still, there are times in our lives when it is better for our health, our overall sense of well-being, and our sleep patterns, to consider

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best coffee beans for french press

Best Coffee Beans for French Press

The Best Coffee Beans for French Press: Our Top Picks for 2021 Brewing methods for coffee lovers are quite personal. Actually, very personal. We feel strongly about the method, the beans, the roast, the result, and most importantly, the taste. In this article we're going to focus on one brewing method - French press - the why's, wherefore's, the how-to's, the be-sure-to-avoid's, and the best coffee beans for French press. First, a quick definition of French press coffee and where it began. French press was originally patented in Italy in the 1920s by Ugo Paolini, developed from his original

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k cups vs pods - whats the difference anyway

K Cups vs Pods

K-Cups vs Pods: Discover the Similarities, and the Differences K cups vs pods. What's the difference between the two, and does it matter? A coffee pod is a coffee pod, right? Well, not really. They are made from different material, which impacts the taste and richness of the brewed coffee. And, if you are concerned about environmental impact, the K-cup and the coffee pod are in two different arenas. Read on, my friend, and learn everything you need to know about these two types of single serve coffee. If you happen to click on a link and then make

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