How to Double Brew Coffee: A Simple Guide for the Caffeine-Lover

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

Hey there, coffee lovers! Have you heard of double brew coffee but weren’t sure what it was or how to make one? Don’t worry, because this blog post will answer all your questions and provide you with the basics for double brewing your next cup of joe.

From what is double brewed coffee, to whether is it okay to do it, and finally how do you brew a double cup – we’ve got you covered.

how to double brew coffee

A lot of people have begun to experiment with double brewing for a stronger-tasting drink containing more caffeine, and the possibilities are endless with the various types of coffees you can use.

So don’t be afraid – take the plunge into double-brewed coffee knowledge and get tips on finding the perfect strength for your personal palette!

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What is Double Brew Coffee?

what is double brew coffee?

It’s like a regular cup of joe but with an extra flavor-filled punch, and there are two ways to accomplish this, my caffeine-loving friend.

First, you can just make your coffee as usual but use twice the amount of ground coffee beans —this is an easy way to get that intense flavor without any hassle.

For example, I recommend that you use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee beans for every 10 ounces of water. With this simple method, you’ll double the amount of coffee and use the same amount of water. Easy peasy.

Second, you can use a double brew method of brewing by first brewing a cup of fresh coffee, and then using that already brewed coffee instead of water to make the next cup. This method is perfect for those days when you need a bit extra oomph in your morning routine. 

There are some helpful tips you’ll want to be aware of if you choose this method, and we’ll get to those in a moment.

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Does a Double Brew Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Absolutely! A double-brew coffee has more caffeine than that of a single brew, because you’re using more coffee regardless of the method. So if you’re looking to get a serious jolt of energy out of your morning cup o’ joe, a double brew is certainly a consideration.

There are different ways to make a double brew and you can experiment until you find the one that works best for you. We’ll cover several of those options here, and you can decide which method you want to try.

Of course, it’s always important to be careful when consuming high levels of caffeine so take it easy until you know your limits.

What Does Double-Brewed Coffee Taste Like?

what does double brewed coffee taste like!

Double-brewed coffee has a reputation for its rich, intense flavor. Many coffee connoisseurs seek out this roast for its bold taste and the jolt of energy it offers.

The experience can be described as almost thick, similar to an espresso or concentrated cold brew

This is my description of the taste of double-brewed coffee: it’s like sipping on an espresso that has the texture and mouthfeel of a French press brew, but without the sediment at the bottom of the cup. Rich, full, deep flavor.

My double-brew coffee is very tasty and really packs a punch of caffeine. I find that a smaller cup – 6 to 8 ounces – instead of my typical 10-ounce cup of joe will do the trick.

If I want an extra jolt of caffeine, this is a simple way to achieve that!

Why Would Someone Want to Double Brew?

Making a double brew coffee at home can be quite satisfying if you’re into making your own coffee!

Doing so is a great way to craft something close to an espresso-style coffee flavor without having an espresso machine, or to even experiment with that deeply strong brew for your favorite specialty coffee drinks.

Maybe you’d like to try out a zesty iced coffee and need something robust—with a double brew, you’ll definitely get there!

Things to Know Before You Begin

If you’re going to use the double-brew method, take these tips to heart before you do anything. They will help you to make the best strong coffee and keep your gear in good working order!

1 | It’s okay to use your auto drip coffee maker as the first brewing method, but avoid using it as the source for the second brew. Why?

Doing so could be damaging to the machine. Hot liquids create pressure which can cause the mixtures and the filters inside your machine to break down more quickly due to exposure to heat. This means that your auto drip will likely suffer from wear and tear faster—much faster—than it should.

You’ll want to use a French press or a pour-over method for your second brew. More about that in a minute.

2 | Get everything ready for both brews before beginning. Why?

You don’t want to be fiddling with the coffee grinding and set up of your second brew while your freshly made coffee sits on the counter, cooling away. The temperature of the brew is very important and will impact the flavor of your second brewing process.

Ideally, you’ll have everything ready to go, and as soon as your first cup of coffee has been brewed you can move right into using it as the liquid (instead of water) for your second brew. The freshly brewed coffee should be hot enough to initiate the extraction and blooming process of the second brew.

3 | Brew your first cup of coffee into a receptacle that will be easy to pour into the next brewing method. Why?

Well, have you ever tried pouring liquid from a coffee cup into something else? You might end up with a mess on your counter.

A small teapot or ceramic pitcher, or even a heat-resistant measuring cup will work. Plan ahead.

Which Double Brew Methods are Best?

When making double-brewed coffee, you’ll get the best result when you use a French press or pour-over method for your second brew.

This is because these are simple brewing methods with coffee gear that won’t be damaged by using brewed coffee for your second time around. And believe me – you don’t want to invest in expensive gear to ruin it during the double brew process

The good news is that these brewing methods are very budget-friendly so they won’t break the bank if you decide to invest in one or the other. And, they make an awesome cup of coffee on their own.

Here are some examples, should you find that you need to purchase this affordable coffee gear:

Simple Double Brew Combinations

Bear in mind the comments and tips above about having all of your materials ready before beginning the first brew.

Method 1: Brew your first cup using an automatic drip machine or a single-cup brewer (my choice), and your second brew using a pour-over.

Method 2: Brew your first cup using an auto-drip machine, and your second brew using a French press.

Method 3: Use a pour-over for both your first and your second brew.

Ready to Make Double Brew Coffee?

Okay, let’s double-brew some coffee, shall we?

For any method you choose from the above suggestions – they are the simplest to follow – use freshly ground coffee for the best result.

Two tablespoons of medium-ground coffee for each 10 ounces of water is a good starting point and can be used for an automatic drip machine as well as a pour-over.

If you’re going to use a French press for the second brew, those grounds should be a bit more coarse.

Prepare all of your fresh ground coffee, filters, water (for the first brew), easy-pour receptacle, and coffee gear for both brews before you begin.

Once everything is assembled and ready to go, brew your first cup of coffee, then immediately begin the second brewing process to make sure your brewed coffee is hot enough for the second process.

Now, take a sip of your double-brew coffee! You may want to adjust the amount of coffee used for the brewing process to suit your taste. Add a splash of cream to round out the flavor, too.

Conclusion: How to make Double Brewed Coffee

Doubled-brewed coffee is an easy and convenient way to have a cup of strong, delicious coffee at home. By understanding the basics of double brewing methods, you can create your very own unique brew that will keep you energized throughout the day and give you something special to look forward to each morning.

With all these tips in mind, why not give two-brewed coffee a try and see what you can come up with? Who knows, it may just be your new favorite way to get your caffeine fix.

Learn what it means to double brew coffee, and several easy methods to do this at home