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Last Updated on October 3, 2022

To some folks, a cup of coffee is, well, just a cup of coffee. Their coffee palate doesn’t really care where the beans came from, how they were processed, ground, and what type of brewing method was used.

They just want the coffee.

That’s cool. I can respect the fact that these folks feel if the brew is hot, the color is dark, and it’s in a mug, the liquid qualifies as coffee.

out of the grey coffee review

Then there are folks like me, who shudder at the thought of brewed coffee sitting in the pot for more than five minutes, and who view the experience of drinking coffee as a necessary and integral part of the morning and afternoon routine. The beans must be ground fresh, the flavors must tickle the palate, and the mouth feel must be an enjoyable part of the ritual. Every part of the java-drinking process must be enjoyable.

So yes, I’m a coffee snob.

I have some favorite brands, of course, and gravitate to them because of the quality that is consistently there, making sure my last sip tastes as good as the first.

All that said, this Out Of The Grey Coffee review is a pleasure to write, for all of the above reasons. Keep reading and I’ll fill you in on why.

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What is Out Of The Grey Coffee?

out of the grey coffee

It might not be a household name, so if Out Of The Grey is a brand you’re not familiar with, that’s okay. I would love to enlighten you!

The brand was conceived by a family that had a clear path in life to be used as missionaries. When they found themselves suddenly on a different life path due to a catastrophic family event, they decided to open Out Of The Grey CoffeeHouse & Cafe in Pennsylvania.

whiskey barrel coffee gift

From those local roots they established a unique laboratory and roastery to test new blends and flavors, and the business has grown to nine local collaborations as well as their online presence, OutOftheGreyCoffee.com.

What makes Out Of The Grey Coffee unique?

The name is certainly unique, but what I see as being most important to me as a coffee lover is the passion and dedication to providing their customers with the highest quality product possible.

Put in their words, they are ‘sourcing, roasting, testing, and delivering approachable luxuries daily’.

What types of roasts are available at Out Of The Grey Coffee?

Well, I might answer that question by asking you, “what type of roast and blend do you want?” For the most part, you’ll find a roast and blend that suits every palate and request in the java world. Here are some examples of what you have available at Out Of The Grey Coffee:

  • Single Origin Coffees: sourced from some of the most celebrated, family-owned farms, these coffees are offered in three main collections: Americas, Asian, and African
  • Artisan Blend Coffees: each blend is a distinctive flavor profile, and showcase the cross-section of their favorite single origin coffees
  • Limited Release: a collection from the rarest and most extraordinary coffee available. Unique, limited roasts that can only be found at Out Of The Grey.
  • Flavored: you’ll be pleased to know that all of the flavored coffees are low acidic blend, which are perfect for you if digestive issues bother you, or you just would rather drink a delicious low acidic blend of coffee. The range of flavored coffees is amazing, including Butter Rum Cake, Apple Bumbley, Italian Marzipan, Mounds Mocha, and more.
  • Expresso: if a memorable espresso blend is what you’re after, these are crafted according to the Italian School to ensure the perfect balance, completeness, and the perfect extraction.

And, whether your preference is a light, medium, or dark roast, low acidic, decaf, flavored, Fair Trade, or artisan blend, Out Of The Grey has something wonderful waiting for you!


Out Of The Grey Coffee Review

This is my honest review of Out Of The Grey Coffee. I was gifted with two blends, Jamaican Blue Mountain and Tobacco Row. The opinions expressed here are my own.

When I brew a cup of coffee it is almost always with freshly ground beans. My favorite method is the pour over, specifically with a Hario V60. This brewing method gives me a fresh, true taste of the bean and roast. Having said that, the quality of the roast makes a huge difference as does the packaging.

I noticed that Out Of The Grey coffee packaging is simple and natural, with a simple zip-to-open strip that allows for easy resealing.

Tobacco Row is a dark roast handcrafted coffee that is low acidic so it contains a higher level of antioxidants. While low acidity isn’t something that I require, it’s certainly a plus.

What I noticed immediately upon grinding the beans was the amazing aroma that wafted up from the ground beans as I moved them from the coffee grinder into the pour over. The description of this roast is amazingly accurate, because this is what I sensed as well as tasted:

‘Black Diamond’ beans with a rich, heavy body. There are notes of baking chocolate, orange zest, brown sugar, and pecan as well as a smoky aroma.

Yep, that is quite accurate, my friends. Rich, dark, slightly sweet coffee with a wonderfully full bodied taste and aroma. Quite frankly, I love it.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is a single origin, dark medium roast that is handcrafted and released in limited quantities. It is considered by many to be the “champagne of coffees”, with the strictly controlled cultivation of the plants. It is also the only coffee in the world to be packed in wooden barrels instead of bags.

What does that mean to us as the recipients of this unique and limited release, low acidic coffee? Well, I have to confess that I’m inhaling the aroma of the beans while writing this, and that alone is intoxicating.

A rich, intense, chocolaty brownie experience is how this blend is described, with a lingering, fluffy yet creamy mouthfeel. If you enjoy a strong cup of coffee that is not bitter but instead intense and rich, Jamaican Blue Mountain blend is for you!

Excuse me now while I go and grind some Jamaican Blue Mountain blend and brew myself an awesome cup of coffee!

Out Of The Grey Coffee Review

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Brewing a Tasty Cup of Coffee

how to brew a strong cup of coffee at home

Of course, any brand of coffee will taste it’s absolute best when it is brewed properly. I prefer a strong cup of coffee (not make-your-hair-stand-on-end coffee, just really tasty) because I can then truly enjoy the flavors, intensity, and mouthfeel as the roaster intended.

Strong doesn’t mean bitter, either, if it is made correctly and enjoyed immediately. None of that sitting in the coffee pot for a couple of hours.

If you want to know how to brew a tasty cup of strong coffee, I’d love to tell you more! Get ready to love your coffee by following this simple set of steps.

Bank of Java from Out Of The Grey Coffee

Do you love to get rewards from purchasing products that you already love? Then you’ll love earning ‘beans’ from the Bank of Java that can be used for discounts on purchases as well as free shipping on orders.

It’s a fun and simple way to reward yourself for purchasing Out Of The Grey, and, if you want to share this awesome coffee with your friends you’ll both earn discount coupons. How cool is that?


Unique Teas from Out Of The Grey

If you or someone you love prefers the taste of tea over coffee, there is no shortage of tea choices with Out Of The Grey.

You’ll find Green, Chai, Black, Oolong, Turmeric, White, Rooibos, and Fruit & Herbal teas to choose from. Fascinating blends that are sure to impress the tea-lover in the family.

Gift Cards

Not sure what to give someone as a gift? Gift cards are available from $25 and up, which is a perfect way to show someone you care, while allowing them to select their choice of Out Of The Grey coffee or tea.


I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this Out Of The Grey coffee review and learning more about Out Of The Grey Coffee as well as tasting the amazingly deep and vibrant flavors of the two roasts that I was gifted.

This is a coffee brand that I will continue to enjoy for a long time to come!

How about you? Head over to Out Of The Grey Coffee today and discover which roast will become your favorite!

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