The Scoop About Coffee

The Scoop About Coffee

Brewing a delicious and satisfying (a-h-h-h-h!) cup of coffee should be simple, right? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes not so much.

But, never fear, my friend. I've got you covered. Your questions about how to make good coffee at home, or a really strong cup of coffee, even espresso coffee (without the expensive espresso machine!). are all answered quite nicely right here.

Maybe you're a true novice to the java world, and just want to know how to get started drinking coffee so you can be, well, a cool coffee drinker.

Discover the answers to these questions and many more, right here. Prepare your java with confidence!

Here's the latest scoop:

how to keep coffee warm without electricity

How to Keep Coffee Warm Without Electricity: Best Tips

Last Updated on January 29, 2024 You know the feeling. You take a sip of your coffee, expecting that warm, comforting embrace, only to be met with a lukewarm disappointment. For us coffee lovers, there are few things more tragic than a coffee gone cold before its time. You see, temperature plays a pivotal role

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why does coffee make me dizzy

Why Does Coffee Make Me Dizzy?

Last Updated on January 13, 2024 Have you ever taken a big creamy gulp of your morning coffee, only to find yourself feeling somewhat dizzy afterward? You’re far from alone. Some people experience dizziness or nausea following their daily cup of joe. While every person’s reaction to coffee can differ, such outcomes commonly spring from

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coffee vs espresso

Coffee vs Espresso: Unraveling the Mystery

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 In the world of caffeinated beverages, the debate between coffee and espresso is as hot as a freshly brewed cup. These two drinks, both beloved for their rich flavors and energizing effects, are often mistaken as one and the same. However, the truth is far from it. Let’s delve

whiskey barrel coffee gift
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why is coffee called java

Why is Coffee Called Java? A Simple Guide

Last Updated on May 31, 2023 Have you ever wondered why coffee is sometimes referred to as “java”? Well, you’re not alone! As coffee drinkers, we use the phrase ‘a cup of joe’ as well as ‘a cup of java’ to refer to our beloved coffee. But why the term, java? The word Java is

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why does my coffee taste sour

Why Does My Coffee Taste Sour?

Last Updated on April 15, 2023 Have you ever taken a sip of your morning coffee, expecting a smooth, rich taste, only to be met with a sharp, tangy sourness? It’s a common frustration for coffee lovers, but fear not, the answer lies in understanding the brewing process.  The good news is that understanding why

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what does coffee taste like

What Does Coffee Taste Like?

Last Updated on January 24, 2024 You may be curious about trying coffee but have never taken the plunge because you’re not quite sure what to expect. You may have heard its taste described as bitter, or alternatively, rich and flavorful. So, what does coffee taste like? The truth is, coffee taste can be vastly

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how to make coffee less acidic

How to Make Coffee Less Acidic: 7 Simple Options

Last Updated on March 30, 2023 Are you tired of dealing with acidic coffee that leaves your stomach feeling uncomfortable? While acidity is a natural aspect of coffee due to its organic nature, it doesn’t always have to cause discomfort. In fact, some coffee drinkers even prefer a higher level of acidity when it comes

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how to double brew coffee

How to Double Brew Coffee: A Simple Guide for the Caffeine-Lover

Last Updated on October 17, 2023 Hey there, coffee lovers! Have you heard of double brew coffee but weren’t sure what it was or how to make one? Don’t worry, because this blog post will answer all your questions and provide you with the basics for double brewing your next cup of joe. From what

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adding vanilla extract to coffee

Is Adding Vanilla Extract to Coffee a Good Idea?

Last Updated on March 21, 2023 Are you looking for a way to make your morning coffee extra special? Adding a little vanilla extract could be exactly what you need to sweeten coffee. In coffee, the subtle hint of sweet vanilla brings out the warmth and complexity of this beloved beverage. But before you jump

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coffee lingo you should know

Coffee Lingo You Should Know!

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 Learning coffee lingo can be fun, and at the same time, expand any coffee lover’s knowledge of the coffee world! From drink-related to gear-related to bean-related terms, the different words will help you order the right drink wherever you go. While most of us are satisfied just guzzling down

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can you froth coffee creamer

Can You Froth Coffee Creamer? An Easy Guide for Coffee Lovers

Last Updated on February 22, 2024 Are you a coffee lover who’s looking to up your game? If so, then you might be interested in learning how to froth coffee creamer. It’s not as hard as it sounds and it can really take your coffee-drinking experience to the next level. So if you’re ready to

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coffee with salt benefits

Coffee with Salt Benefits

Last Updated on February 3, 2023 The Benefits of Adding Salt to Your Cup of Joe Who knew that adding a pinch of salt to your morning cup of joe could be the best way to enhance it? You may think that sounds a bit crazy but trust us, it’s not as unusual as you

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should you put honey in coffee

Should You Put Honey in Coffee?

Last Updated on February 11, 2024 As a coffee lover, there are many different sweeteners you can put in your coffee. Some people prefer sugar, others like artificial sweeteners, and yet others like to add syrups to their coffee. One lesser-known addition is honey. Honey has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries, and

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buttermilk in coffee - pros and cons

Should You Put Buttermilk in Coffee? Pros and Cons

Last Updated on February 27, 2023 If you’re looking for a way to make your coffee even more delicious, you may want to consider adding buttermilk instead of traditional coffee creamers. But is this a good idea? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of adding buttermilk to coffee. As coffee drinkers, we

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can you put powdered sugar in coffee?

Can You Put Powdered Sugar in Coffee? Get the Scoop Here

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 Do you ever go to your cabinet, reach for the sugar jar and think, “I need to spice up my morning coffee—I should try something different”? Well, what about powdered sugar? Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to put this delicious dusting of sweetness in your daily cuppa?

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why does my coffee taste watery

Why Does My Coffee Taste Watery? Here’s How to Fix It

Last Updated on January 4, 2024 If there’s anything that can make a rough morning worse, it’s coffee that tastes watery. When you depend on your first cup of coffee to help you power through the day, the appallingly warm, bitter brew can do the exact opposite.  So you ask, why does my coffee taste

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naturally sweet coffee

Naturally Sweet Coffee: What You Need to Know

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 Is it possible for coffee to be naturally sweet? It might sound like a strange question, but natural sweet coffee does exist. In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes coffee taste sweet and discuss some of the best naturally sweet roasts and blends. We’ll also answer some common

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can you burn coffee

Can You Burn Coffee? How to Brew a Better Tasting Cup of Joe

Last Updated on February 22, 2024 Do you love the taste of coffee? If you do, you’re not alone. In fact, millions of people around the world enjoy a cup of coffee every day. But what if your coffee doesn’t taste as good as you’d like it to? Is there something you can do to

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best espresso cups

Best Espresso Cups: Our Top 8 Recommendations

Last Updated on July 12, 2023 Do you love espresso? If so, you know that the key to a great cup of espresso is using a high-quality cup. Not all cups are created equal! In this blog post, we will discuss the different factors you should consider when choosing the best espresso cups, and we

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maple syrup in coffee

Maple Syrup in Coffee: A Healthier Alternative to Sugar?

Last Updated on February 7, 2023 Maple syrup in coffee. Have you ever considered this natural sweetening option for your cup of joe? Why would you reach for the maple syrup instead of the sugar? You might choose to add maple syrup in coffee because it is a natural sweetener. Sugar is also a sweetener,

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french press vs drip coffee

French Press vs Drip Coffee: Which Will You Choose?

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 Coffee lovers around the world will agree on this point: making a great cup of coffee can be a learning experience, but is definitely worth the effort when you find the brewing method that hits your java sweet spot. There are so many different ways to brew a cup

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can you put heavy whipping cream in coffee?

Can You Put Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee?

Last Updated on November 30, 2021 If you’re wondering, can you put heavy whipping cream in coffee? Yes, of course, you can! But first, let’s take a look at what exactly heavy whipping cream is and how it can affect the taste of your java. Heavy whipping cream is simply regular whipping cream with more

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accidentally bought whole coffee beans - here is what to do

If You Accidentally Bought Whole Coffee Beans, Here’s What To Do!

Last Updated on September 13, 2023 Uh oh. You’re yearning for a cup of coffee and suddenly realize that you accidentally bought whole coffee beans from the grocery store. If you don’t have a coffee grinder ready and waiting, those beans can go stale and be wasted. And wasting money on anything is not cool.

100% Kona Coffee
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why do people put a match head in coffee

Why Do People Put a Match Head in Coffee?

Last Updated on March 3, 2023 You’ve probably heard of people putting match heads in coffee, and you might have even seen someone stir one or two match heads into their cup of joe. But why do they do it? Why put a match head in coffee? The reasons behind this strange practice are actually quite

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can you make iced coffee with hot coffee

Can You Make Iced Coffee with Hot Coffee? Get All the Scoop Here!

Last Updated on October 25, 2021 You’re a fan of iced coffee, but you want to know, can you make iced coffee with hot coffee? That’s a great question, my friend. Iced coffee is great because it has the taste and caffeine boost that you love about hot coffee, without being too hot for your

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how to buy, and brew, non bitter coffee

How to Buy, and Brew, Non Bitter Coffee

Last Updated on January 13, 2024 Most people don’t enjoy the bitter taste of coffee. Smooth, rich taste? Yes. Bitter? No way. Coffee lovers know that their morning cup of coffee is an all-important element to the start of their day, and it needs to be just right. There’s nothing that will spoil that first sip

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altruistic joe coffee review

Altruistic Joe Coffee Review

Last Updated on May 9, 2023 Altruistic Joe Coffee may be a new name for you in the world of coffee brands. It was for me until recently. But I’m so glad that I have joined the growing group of coffee lovers who have tasted the fresh, rich roasts that Altruistic Joe offers. And this

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coffee doesnt wake me up

Coffee Doesn’t Wake Me Up Anymore – Why is That?

Last Updated on October 22, 2021 You love coffee, but you’re not convinced that it loves you as much anymore. It’s still enjoyable, but you just can’t rely on that cup of coffee for a morning pick-me-up like you used to. So what’s happened? You’re thinking, “This coffee doesn’t wake me up. How can that

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zero waste coffee

Zero Waste Coffee: What, How, and Why It Might be Time to Hop Aboard

Last Updated on January 13, 2024 Coffee lovers are very loyal to their brewing methods and brands, but many are also aware of how the coffee is grown and processed, as well as the impact of waste products on the environment. Even though it may seem like ‘one small thing’ every piece of waste we

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can old coffee make you sick?

Can Old Coffee Make You Sick?

Last Updated on July 14, 2021 Can Old Coffee Make You Sick? Find Out Before Brewing Your Next Pot We’re busy folk, aren’t we? And we don’t always have time to grind fresh coffee beans or run to the store for a new bag of ground coffee. So what are the risks of using old

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