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Learning how to make your own coffee at home shouldn't be. 

Explore the Coffee Files and unlock the mystery of how to make your own coffee that's a pleasure to drink. Whether you're searching for the best coffee maker for your budget and preferences, the perfect coffee bean and grind, or some interesting facts about the beverage itself, you'll find what you need right here.

Our goal at the Coffee Files is to keep things simple and uncomplicated, providing our expertise and fact-finding results with you in order to help you learn to make good coffee at home!

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how to make good coffee at home

The Scoop About Coffee

Just starting out in your coffee adventure? Learn more about the product and how to brew it. Interesting facts about coffee, where does it come from, how is it made, and more!

making good coffee at home

Coffee, Beans, & More

Learn how to make a good cup of coffee at home. It's not hard if you know what to do. What type of bean, or grind, is best for a coffee maker? How strong should you brew your coffee? You'll find out right here! 

how to find the best coffee maker

Coffee Makers & Such

So many choices and brewing methods, from ultra budget friendly to top of the line. Standard coffee  maker, pour over, french press, moka what is best for you. (Hint: it might be a variety of brewing methods!)

Recent Articles

how to make pour over coffee without a scale

How to Make Pour Over Coffee Without a Scale

How to Make Pour Over Coffee (without a scale) A simple, unscientific yet curiously satisfying method So, let's clarify something from the get-go. Am I a coffee snob? Yes. I only drink strong, black, fresh coffee, preferably whole bean, that has been ground just prior to brewing. If it's weak, old, or full of cream

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the best coffee beans for espresso and how to choose them

The Best Coffee Beans for Espresso and How to Choose Them

The Best Coffee Beans for Espresso & How to Choose Them Brewing a tasty, rich, and satisfying shot of espresso is a little bit like an art. It's much more than plopping a pod into a single-cup brewer, or absently tossing a few scoops of ground coffee into the drip coffee maker. No, my friend,

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less acidic coffee - it is time to make the switch?

Is It Time to Drink Less Acidic Coffee? Learn More and Choose the Best Brand

Less Acidic Coffee - Is It Time to Make the Switch? Learn More and Choose the Best Brand for You A love of coffee is something many of us share, and once hooked on the aroma, taste, and kick that a fresh, hot cup of java provides, it is not easy to give up. But

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best automatic pour over coffee maker

Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker A perfectly brewed cup of pour over coffee is, well, almost heavenly. If you've experienced it, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Rich, clean flavor, brewed exactly the way you want it. The down side to the process is that it's a little bit labor intensive, particularly

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best kona coffee brands

Best Kona Coffee Brands

The Best Kona Coffee Brands  What to Know Before You Buy True coffee lovers are willing to invest some time, and a few dollars (sometimes a LOT of dollars!) into their coffee beans and coffee gear. So the search for the best Kona coffee brands and where to purchase them is not unusual for this

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best espresso machine under 100

Best Espresso Machine Under 100

Best Espresso Machines Under $100 - 2020 Review When Italian Luigi Bezzera filed a patent in the early 1900's for a machine that forced boiling water and steam through coffee grinds into a cup, he probably had no idea what would come from that. Or, maybe he did. The word 'espresso' (not ex-press-o, please) is

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